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Shoot Yourself EP...1981
Shoot Yourself LP...2000
Dry Heaves Again CD...2003
Dry Heaves So Messed Up...Out Now!

Out Now!

Again 2003


Smash the State
Smash the State

Oh Canaduh!
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Capitol Sessions
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Shoot Yourself EP

1. Shoot Yourself
2. Portable
3. I Can't Puke

Dry Heaves "Shoot Yourself" LP

Windsor Canadian Punk-rockers! It wasnt just for the Viletones. It wasnt just for The Ugly.... The Dry Heaves were there too.
What OPM passed up on or fizzled out on Rave-up picks it up for a save.
This is a better than average volume of Rave Ups lost nugget series. Fast punk. Dirty, keyboards... snotty vocals... Windsor, Canada is just across a patch of water from Detroit, Michigan United States of Rock and Roll America, and you can hear it.
This is the sort of punk where you nod yer head from side to side while you jump up and down. When they finish each song Im sure the crowd would raise both fisted arms into the air and yell something to the effects of "You guys rock"...
The Dry Heaves remind me of a mix between DETENTION and THE NERVOUS EATERS, with a touch of keys... Most of the tracks appear to be studio and, although it sez nothing to the effects, are mostly unreleased because Mark Murrmann said so in his column. When it comes to Rave Up and this series they usually tend to be pretty good after a listen or to two, but after a while it seems the test of time really brings out the worth of the records... That said, its been near 20 years since this music was originally made and it still sounds fresh.
Why is modern punk so lame? Its the whole ups with the downs philosophy. Records like this and labels like Rave Up are just carrying the torch until the revival. (SAB)

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Shoot Yourself LP

1. Shoot Yourself
2. Portable
3. I Can't Puke
4. Chronic Care Ward
5. Scab Labour
6. Swimming in the Sewage
7. Factory Punishment
8. South Windsor Punk (No Funk)
9. Bobby's Gone
10. I Hate
11. High School Party
12. Cancelled


Canadian punk rockers from Hell!
This album is the definive testament of one of the best
bands from this country. 10 unreleased studio tracks + their mega rare three tracks EPfrom 1981. If you are a fan of "Smash the State" compilations, you'll enjoy this record! Of
course, vintage photos and liner notes written by Kevin Shannon, singer of the band.

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